Heyfitae™ Head Massager Sleep Monitor Migraine Relief & Insomnia Therapy Device

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  • The latest sleep massage device: The sleep device mainly helps people who have insufficient sleep and poor mental quality, and help you fall asleep as soon as possible. At the same time, it has the function of relieving anxiety and depression. It is small but powerful.The massager is electrically stimulated.
  • Using TSNS stimulation waves increases endorphin secretion: blocks the transmission of painful nerves and achieves a relaxing effect. At the same time, it can reduce tension, anxiety and other emotions, and help patients get a good night’s sleep.
  • Lightweight and easy to use: It can be used for sports, walking, going home in moderation, USB fast charging, 15 minutes a day to relieve the nerves, let you get rid of insomnia, anxiety, sleep disorders.
  • The electrode sheet can be reused: the protective film on the electrode sheet should be removed during use. After use, the product needs to be covered with a transparent film on the electrode sheet to prevent oxidation and increase its frequency of use.
  • Satisfactory service: If there is a problem with the product, please contact us, we provide 24-hour service, we provide a 100% refund or free replacement.
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  • Use Heyfitae™ head massager to stimulate waves, increase endorphin secretion, and block the transmission of pain nerves.
  • Achieve easy and painful effects; at the same time, it can slow down tension, anxiety, and other emotions.
  • Help patients get quality sleep.
  • Recommended sleep instrument, physical therapy without drug side effects.
  • Stay away from drugs and easily heal.
  • It is economical and practical and very effective.
  • Comfortable, and skin-friendly experience.
  • Beautiful and scientific, in line with the head curve.
  • Ergonomically designed for a variety of face types.


  • Type: sleep aid
  • Material: ABS + elastic band
  • Fully charged time: about 20 times (15 minutes each time)
  • Charging output interface: standard V8 interface
  • Power mode: USB
  • Charging input voltage / current: 5.0 ± 0.2V / 1 80mA ± 30mA
  • Charging time: 1-2 hours (about 2 hours)
  • Built-in battery specifications: 200mA / 3.7V
  • Size: 19.5*10.5*5.5cm
  • Color: pink, black


Atleast 15 minutes Daily.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * sleep aid device



Composite Material



Model Number

Head Massage

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Massage & Relaxation

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Heyfitae™ Head Massager Sleep Monitor Migraine Relief & Insomnia Therapy Device
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