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Heyfitae G5 Laptop Stand- Full Upgrade

109,900 UShs
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Heyfitae™ Grade 5.0 Lower Back Stretcher

149,900 UShs
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HEYFITAE™ G8 Selfie Stick Tripod

99,999 UShs
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HeyFitae™ 2.0 Posture Corrector (Adjustable Size)- 1Pc

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HEYFITAE G7 Upgrade Headphone 1
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HEYFITAE G7 Upgrade Headphone

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Heyfitae™ 4.0 Workout Resistance Bands Set

99,999 UShs
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Heyfitae™ 5.0 upgrade Workout Resistance Bands Set

124,900 UShs

“What Customers Say About Us”

Chris Walker

I was pretty skeptical of resistance bands at first, but after about a solid hour (my usual workout time), I’m SMOKED!

Lemley Peter

Great quality. Delivered a week ahead of schedule which is great considering the influx of orders at this time.

Matovu Albert

These are absolutely perfect for small spaces and because of all the movements and things you can do with them, you can train effectively on a small budget.